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Are You a Trophy Hunter?


I was reading some news on the internet right after last E3, when I stumbled on a very interesting post over at IGN about PSN Trophies. For those who can’t remember, PSN Trophies arrived in 2008 and introduced achievement-like unlocks for PS3 and PSN games. The post at the link made me realize that a few gamers — including me — have changed the way they play games ever since they appeared!

I don’t remember when I really started to care about Trophies. Back then, I used to get them without anticipating them. I do remember a friend telling me he got started to level up thanks to his Trophy count in one awesome game: 3D Dot Game Heroes. I then decided to put the game back in the PS3 and restarted it to get more trophies than he did, ultimately reaching 72% trophy completion (I won!). Shortly after that, I got my first Platinum with Ratchet & Clank: A Crack In Time and I think this is when I got hooked!

Since then, I usually try to get the most trophies in the games I play. I managed to get a few accessible Platinums, and I’m actually working toward Platinuming the amazing Tales of Graces f (still missing around a whooping 50 hours to achieve it!).

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So, what about you? Do you invest time to get trophies? Or are you sticking to the main story and then moving on to another game without caring about them? If you invested time, which Platinum Trophy are you proud of? Let me know in the comments below!

Note: The excellent website should be your main source for trophy guides that will help you obtain all the regular and Platinum trophies you want! Even our own EdEN is also an occasional contributor over there!