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Free Month of PS+ ??

If you have been following our Facebook Page this last week, then you might have already grabbed a code (or more). If not, then here’s your chance. These codes add to your existing account and do stack, so feel free to add them even if you have an active account.

Keep in mind that you must have a credit, debit, or a prepaid card on file before you can claim the code. This is because PS+ is a subscription-based service, and because of that, it also enables automatic renewal on said service after it expires.

Don’t fret, however, as you can cancel the automatic renewal, and you’re also able to remove your credit card information stored on your account. As long as you cancel auto renewal, you won’t get charged a dime. It’s an inconvenience for some, but it’s a requirement by Sony and not us.

I am going to post 4 codes here as a first come first grab type deal, and will then give out 10 more to anyone that leave a comment as to why they need PS Plus. Also over the next few days, till Friday the 27th, I will randomly be posting codes on, as well as here in the comments, and even a few in our chatroom!! So keep a close eye on us, and Good Luck!!

Here are the first 4 codes!!





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