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[Vita Review] Puddle

Puddle is a puzzle solving game based on liquid physics and obstacles that can destroy said liquid on your way to the final goal. This process is repeated over and over with different liquids and their weaknesses throughout the game, but in some really unique ways. The game seems to translate really well to the portable genre, especially with the multiple input options of the Vita itself. I found myself enjoying the shoulder button method more than the rear touch pad or the tilting of the device itself. The rear touch pad did not seem to work the way that it should, as I found myself swiping several times to get the screen to tilt as I needed it to.

The levels bring a unique twist to this game with the several different liquids, viscosities and interactions with other objects in this game. Starting out, it’s pretty normal.

The Watercourse, the first set of levels, is where you guide water through various tubes and pipes, through fire and heat, to a final objective where you are graded on time and amount of water left over. The Nursery is the 2nd set of levels where you control some weed killer through a lush green environment of trees and foliage. Certain plants can suck up the weed killer, lest you avoid them properly.

The Laboratory has a host of chemicals that it offers, such as nitro glycerin that explodes if you bang it around too hard. In The Human Body level, you guide several liquids through the bowels of a body while trying to avoid acid reflux, and a ton of other bodily functions, that will quickly absorb up your precious liquid.

Among those great levels, you also have The Sewers, Rocket, Foundry and Nuclear Power Station.

I’ll admit, the game did invoke my primal controller throwing rage at some points where I finally used a “whine,” which allows you to skip a level (which is a forfeiture of a trophy unless you come back to this level).

Physics, graphics and creativity are not something this game lacks. Puddle is a great pick up and play game for those who need a 5 minute challenge on the go, but it doesn’t offer much staying power or replayability. Trial and Error is the only way to get past each level as you go along, unless you get super lucky.

For $7.99, its not a bad price when you get both the Vita and PS3 versions for one purchase. I would recommend this game for those who enjoy a challenging puzzler game.

[review pros=”Unique Gameplay
Great Physics” cons=”Rear Touch Pad Doesn’t Work Well
Some Levels Super Difficult” score=75]

This review is based on a Playstation Vita review copy supplied by Neko Entertainment