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Last Day To Enter The Metal Gear Solid Food – Calorie Mate Block Giveaway

Make sure to get all possibile entires in before times runs out! We have received some very creative answers to the question for 2 bonus entries. Check them out after the jump.

Imagine yourself stuck in the jungle. If you couldn’t eat a Calorie Mate, what would you eat instead?

Lots and lost of fruits. Easiest way to kill yourself in the jungle is to eat poisonous fruit!

I would lay in wait. Stalking the serpent. and when Solid Snake comes to eat a snake and become snakeater. I’d eat him. CANNIBAL!!

my fingernails, and dead skin off my feet and hands.

Hah! I would probably try a little of everything bugs, leaves, beasts and if all else failed I would probably eat Candelario, my Spanish bag carrier.

snakes, toe nails, hmmm cut into a decaying tree and eat the grub like lion king. worse comes to worse i heard clothing might be edible burnt to a crisp.

A snake!

A buffet of snakes, and grubs, with a side of wildberries and bananas with mushrooms.

I’d hunt down Tsuchinoko again and not listen to Major Zero and eat that delicious creature!

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