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More GTAV Screenshots Released; Rockstar Gearing Up for a New Trailer?

Rockstar has released yet another batch of screenshots, bringing the total new shots this week to 10. This leads me to believe that Rockstar is gearing up the media hype train and will begin releasing more trailers very soon. This suggests that the title could release in early 2013, given how Rockstar Games usually keeps media close to its chest until its release is only a few months away.

The images include a car transport/flatbed with a male character hanging off the side (and the transport has a car sitting in the back), a police chase with an exotic (there’s also a helicopter with a sniper aiming out of the side door), a very sweet picture of a red biplane in the mountainous region, and a night time shot with a man aiming his rifle at a police chopper who’s shining its spotlight on said man. To be honest with you, the more I see of this game, the more excited I get. I mean, like how excited I used to get with these games.