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Please Welcome Clint To The Team

There was talk about starting a podcast for a couple years. But Clint was finally the man to step up to the plate to record & host the podcast. I’m very grateful for his work every week and it’s a joy to listen to. It is always a fun time joining in on the recording of the PS3BlogCast. Something that any of you can do! Just get in touch with Clint aka Jcmdaddy by sending a PM on the site or using this contact form.

The weekly PS3BlogCast started on May 12, 2011 and to date we have had 61 episodes! Keep up the amazing work Clint! Read his bio after the jump. You can also view it on the about us page.

Welcome aboard Clint!

Don’t forget, you can leave us a voicemail at any time at the coolest number ever!


We can play your voicemail during the PS3BlogCast. Or if you just want to leave a message about how awesome we are, that works too.

Clint – Podcast Producer UTC -8

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Hi, Clint here. I’ve been a gamer, basically, all my life. I’ve played on many of the older consoles but the first one I actually owned (as a hand-me-down) was the NES. From there it went to the original, fat, Gameboy. And in the mid-90’s I got the original PlayStation. That was when I really got into gaming as a kid. However it wasn’t until ’98 when I saw the case for Metal Gear Solid and decided “hmmm I guess this looks interesting” and once I started playing I was hooked into the story. That really opened my eyes to the media I had enjoyed for so many years.

Since then I’ve stuck with mainly Sony consoles. Primarily because it’s what I had growing up and I loved the controller. I don’t consider myself a fanboy as I can see and recognize a good game on another console.

I originally found this site through their Facebook page. I found it to be a great way to get gaming news years ago. While it might not be as big as the mainstream news sites such as IGN, I very much enjoy reading the reviews, news articles and opinions from other people who enjoy gaming as much as I do. Since they’re doing it on their own time, and not as a job, it gives everything a much more personal touch.