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HUGE Giveaway Coming Courtesy Of Gophermods

Help Gophermods get their Facebook fan page to 1,000 likes and we will have a HUGE giveaway! Our biggest EVER! So start earning those points! You can get 75 points for liking them on Facebook using the like button after the jump. You get 75 points for following them on twitter as well. If you are already following them, good work! Just un-like and follow again using the button here so you can get some points for it.

There are plenty of ways to earn them. Including our new point slot machine.

What is this image for, you ask? Well, we will be revealing more characters as we hit Facebook like milestones before ultimately revealing what the giveaway truly is. More details after the jump.

[fbpage page=”gophermods”]
[twitterfollow user=”gophermods”]

As we hit a new like milestone, we will also have a points giveaway to go along with it. For example, when we hit 500 likes, we will have a points giveaway for 500 points and so on. It will only cost 50 points to enter. All social and extra entries will be off & the giveaway entry period for the points will only be 2 days.

500 Likes – Reveal 1 more character
550 Likes – Reveal 1 more character – $20 PSN Card
600 Likes – Reveal 1 more character
650 Likes – Reveal 1 more character – Game Giveaway!
700 Likes – Reveal 2 more characters
750 Likes – Reveal 2 more characters
800 Likes – Reveal 2 more characters
850 Likes – Reveal 2 more characters – Game Giveaway!
900 Likes – Reveal 3 more characters
1000 Likes – Full Reveal & HUGE GIVEAWAY Begins!

Because of the nature of the final prize, and the fact that Gophermods, a small, American business that services consoles and other devices for US residents, that prize is for US residents only. We would have made it international if we could, so we apologize to our international visitors. However, the smaller giveaways along the way are worldwide/international, so if you’re from other regions or across the pond, you’re not completely out of the game.

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