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Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock on Vita Next Week

Back in June, EdEN reviewed the PS3 version of this title, giving it a 70/100. He rated the high points as having an excellent, new story, great voice acting, and a platinum, with the negatives being spotty AI and no way to save mid-level. Next week, though (both in North American and Europe), a Vita version will be released on PSN, and even includes a few new features.

One such feature is the touchscreen capabilities, and the fact that a lot of the game’s puzzles have been reworked to take advantage of them. Another interesting idea uses the Vita’s “Near” feature:

We’re also tapping into “near”, PS Vita’s geo-social service. Using “near”, players can collect “Gallifreyan” medals while playing through the adventure and then drop them in a GPS location for other players to collect. Grow your collection while searching for other players’ medals!

The game also supports the Cloud Save feature and the save file can be used for both the Vita and PS3 versions of the game. What is unclear, however, is whether or not purchase of one counts as a purchase of the other as well, or whether some of the bugs that plagued the PS3 version will have been dealt with for the Vita.