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ibb and obb Coming Next Spring

ibb and obb is, as stated at the official PlayStation Blog, a cooperative puzzle-platformer. The game is built on two player interaction, with the levels laid out with two different gravitational fields, and the interaction between the two brothers is paramount to the gameplay:

All elements in the game are designed for two, ranging from the way you solve puzzles to handling enemies. For example, when one player takes out an enemy the other tries to be ready on the other side of the split to fetch the reward.
. . .
Throughout the game new mechanics are introduced that add to the previous ones. Some change the way you can move around, like the gravity bubbles, while others change what you can see depending on the distance between the players. In the end, puzzles become quite complex, but by then you should have become well practised in double gravity acrobatics.

The trailer above gives you a good idea on how gameplay works. As for the game itself, it takes place on five different worlds, with three levels a piece. It starts out colorful, but transitions to a darker atmosphere over time. The music, composed by Kettel, reflects that as well.

Right now, multiplayer is being worked on, as well as polishing of the game overall, so it will be ready to be downloaded in the Spring of 2013 (in the northern hemisphere anyway). This is Sharpweed’s first production, and looks to be another great indie title heading to the PlayStation Network.