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[Vita Review] Orgarhythm

orgarhythm ps vita review

Orgarhythm is essentially a battle of brothers or of light and dark Gods. You must rise up against your brother with your rhythm yielding legion of warriors using music and beats as your commands.

As part rhythm game, part strategy and part RTS, Orgarythm sounds like the ultimate clash of genres but this is only in theory and not execution.

The very first level has the best music that I’ve experienced in the entire game thus far. When the march of death starts, you have to tap one of three commands with the beat and button glow the best you can to get a good timing rating. There are three sets of commands you must choose and get them all perfect or your warriors will actually level down.

You can issue basic commands to your troops but it is very limited and often ends up in a confusing mess. After going through your three sets of beats and choosing the group you want you use, you draw a line with your finger to the area where you want to set up troops however they rarely listen well and generally end up just running into some object on the ground.

You also have no control over the God of Lights movements in this game. He slowly moves forward as you tap to level up you warriors. As said before, tapping levels up your troops and is used to issue commands. Even if enemies are not on the screen, you must continue tapping or your troops will be reset to level 1 after a few short moments.

Another issue is after you die 3/4 through the level or on a boss, you have to repeat your long agonizingly slow march all the way back.

Choosing the right group of troops for battle can also be a little hard since everything is noted by colors of elements. On color is another colors weakness but enemy colors are often hard to identify.

In conclusion, Orgarythm could have been so much more but instead it is a slow paced, awkward rhythm game. I would still recommend trying it out as it is different then most other types of games and some music is pretty electrifying. Who knows…maybe this could be a PS+ game in the future.

[review pros=”Excellent Music on some levels
Unique ” cons=”Complete lack of any real control
Distant view
Some music has no real discernible beat
No level check points” score=65]