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[PS3 Review] ÅŒkami HD

okami hd ps3 review

We’re pals, right?

I feel like I can share anything with you, loyal reader. Now, we’re not talking “hey, can I borrow your rare Beastie Boys “Pass The Mic” single EP vinyl?” It’s more of a “can I borrow a cup of sugar, neighbor?” pal. It could be that we’re a different kind of pal? Maybe we’re pals on a different level? Is there an honesty percentage to our pal level, and furthermore: what level is it and what level does it cap out at? All good, solid questions. That’s what I like about you, though. You have lots of good questions. Honesty is the first one and only I’d like to address, mainly because of time restraints and the fact that I’m writing this review over lunch and it’s getting cold.

the beloved character, "Ameratsu" is going to be your new glorious white!

Okami HD, just released by video game juggernaut Capcom, has more of a cult following since its original release almost six years ago. The newest HD, polished up version, though, is the one I’m here to review and here’s where the honesty comes in: I’ve never played Okami before this review. On any platform. Ever. Not that any reviewer has ever done that in the gaming world before, I know – not shocking. The point I’m trying to make here is that this review is not biased. Now, with that being said – let’s actually begin this review.

Okami HD is not unlike a lot of games out there. If I had to compare it immediately, I would instantly compare it to the earlier Spyro The Dragon series. Head smash moves get you coins and secret areas yield special surprises, in different areas you face down bosses and blah, blah, blah. That’s where the comparison stops. This game is not only visually appealing, but it has a story that gets you interested in the game right away from the get-go.

My only complaint would be the overload of dialogue prompts that you have to go through. And for good reason, the story is really a thing of beauty. One of heroism and love lost, evil triumphing and being defeated… This game really makes the comparisons fly with it not being unlike the highly acclaimed “Journey” game released only a little while back. Well known for being a game that was easily beatable in 2 hours, the game was filled with spectacular beauty and wonderment. The same holds true for Okami HD. The colors and the animation are astounding and the fact it has a even better story with it just cements this game as a must buy.

The game is stunning and is surprisingly beautiful

The game also has more aces to show with Move compatibility, which I have and tested. Although only slightly sharper and more precise with the controller, the Move feature does not disappoint. While not giving away too much, you use the PlayStation Move to complete puzzles and missing images so you can complete your current quest. Imagination wins and creativity is rewarded when faced with these puzzles and gives this the factor it needs to truly be added to any gamer’s catalog of games. While not mandatory to use the PlayStation Move for Okami HD, it certainly doesn’t take anything away from this beautiful HD remastering.

The protagonist “Ameratsu” is a glowing, angelic version of the color white, and the visuals really make you notice the game and its standout efforts. After all was said and done, the soundtrack even have a soothing calmness. You know it’s there and can hear it, but it doesn’t overwhelm the game itself. Compatible with my PlayStation Sound bar, every sound and bark and bite come through and is a delight for any audiophile looking for that extra touch. There’s not enough that can be said about this $19.99 treasure available on the PlayStation Store now. And for you trophy hunters, you will not be disappointed. There’s a whopping 51 for you to obtain.

Dialogue prompts are this games only real enemy

In a videogame industry where the HD remake is becoming more and more frequent, it’s nice to see forethought and innovation make it into a game like this. I know this franchise is near and dear to some people’s hearts and want to make sure I gave a thorough review without any spoilers, so I didn’t want to disappoint. And between you and me pal, this game doesn’t.

[review pros=”Graphics and overall game presentation are above par
Okami is finely tuned and a perfect fit for the PlayStation Move
Story is actually interesting and not generic like most games
The game is VERY long and has 51 trophies, giving you a lot of ‘bark’ for your buck” cons=”Dialogue boxes are kind of a pain and and you have to go through ALL of them, and there’s a LOT
No actual character speech in game; characters sound like chipmunks
Cutscenes seem not to have the same amount of animation quality as the game” score=90]

This review is based off of a downloadable code provided by Capcom