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Access the PSN Store from your browser (EU Only)

Sony updated their SEN (Sony Entertainment Network) service today with a welcome feature that many have asked for. EU accounts can now access their PSN store from a web based interface. The SEN Store sports the same design aesthetic we now see on our PS3. It’s actually a lot more tolerable in the browser where you aren’t limited to just two rows of items. You are able to search easily and sort items by category, and date but, mysteriously, not by game title. Oh well, it’s not like anyone would want to look for DLC by game title on a video game online store. I’m sure they’ll get around to it if it ever becomes a bother. /sarcasm.

Unlike the similar Xbox 360 web store, you are unable to begin downloads on your console, but you can complete purchases via browser and find them at the top of your downloads list for easy (sort of) access. No more waiting to get home in order to redeem those PSN codes you win from PS3Blog.Net.

Cap of the EU SEN Store

SEN via Browser? Cool Bro.

The update is limited to the EU region for now but like the store revamp there’s no reason as to why this feature shouldn’t trickle down to the lowly NA region after it’s been ironed out on the backend.