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Dead Island Riptide Rigor Mortis Edition Has Been Announced!

The fans have voted, their votes have been counted, and the results are final: Dead Island Riptide will be release in a Collector’s Edition called “Rigor Mortis”. What can fans expect inside of their box, for only $79.99?

Rigor Mortis

– Zombie hula girl bobble figurine

– Bloody zombie arm bottle opener magnet

– Bungalow key with a branded wood keychain

– Dead Island Riptide Special Edition which includes extra DLC content and a helpful digital strategy map.

– Everything will be inside of a Dead Island replica suitcase – the most iconic item from the original Dead Island.

Featuring character-import options for fans who want to carry over their original saved games, Dead Island Riptide is the thrilling next chapter in the Dead Island universe. Co-op has never been more important as Dead Island Riptide players band together to defend new, key territories in water-soaked tropical locales against hordes of never-before-seen zombie types. Also, a new playable character class, fresh gameplay mechanics and drivable boats plunge you ever-more into the depths of what’s really lurking behind the deadly zombie infestation….

Be sure to pre-order your copy today in order to secure your Collector’s Edition!