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PS3BlogCast Episode 82

Welcome back to the final week in big game releases for the month of March. BioShock: Infinite has finally arrived and I can’t wait to jump in and play it. I know we missed last week, unfortunately due to some scheduling issues.

MissXya is out this week, but you have Isli and I to talk you through the gaming news.

We get into some Dead Space 3 ending and DLC spoilers between the 57 minute and 1 hour 11 minute mark. You get a good enough heads up to skip it just in case you plan on playing Dead Space 3 soon.

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Here’s a list of some things we discussed:

  • New Releases
  • God of War Ascension 1.03 patch
  • Guacamelee release date
  • Yoichi Wada steps down
  • Puppeteer release date
  • Limbo coming to PS Vita
  • New Borderlands 2 character revealed
  • BioWare’s Edmonton working on a new game
  • Fuse release date
  • 100 Vita games in 2013
  • Secret Word