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[PSN Review] TerRover

TerRover PSN Review

Launch yourself into the surreal mash-up of unique cartoon graphics and 2-D physics universe that is TerRover, now on the PlayStation ®Network! Navigate through over forty stages of puzzling arcade levels in five different vivid art styles including the icy vistas of Congelata, all-tech surfaces of Mechanica, strange vegetation and terrains of Acor and Aura, and the treacherous volcanoes and lava of Volcanus! Use your wheel’s rotation, pivot center, and various weapons to overcome challenging obstacles and barriers. TerRover features three local multiplayer modes for up to four people, leaderboards and PSN trophies.

– Over 40 levels of gameplay
– Five unique and vivid 2-D art styles
– Campaign, Racing, Trial and Hotpoint Modes
– Three local multiplayer modes for up to 4 players
– Upload your favorite TerRover moments to YouTubeâ„¢
– 16 PSN trophies

TerRover is a physics-based platforming game with a charming art style that draws you into an interesting world where trial and error are the only way to learn how to get to the goal. You will travel through several types of terrain (cold ice, hot lava, mechanic metal and so on) while you try to get to the end in one piece… or in as few retries as possible.

While racing to the end, you can collect bolts and nuts that are scattered all over the place either out in the open or hidden away from the main path. You can use this as currency in the game and purchase new vehicles that have unique abilities, strengths and weaknesses, so that you can access new sections of levels you’ve already completed or improve your speed run for each level. As mentioned before, trial and error is the name of the game, and you will die a lot in this game while trying to find the best angle at which to launch yourself over a dangerous pit or towards a swinging platform over huge gaps and you will quickly re-spawn at the last checkpoint you’ve reached in order to give it another go.

The controls in the game do take a bit to get used to but once you get the hang of things you will be taking advantage of the game’s physics and jumping over enemies thanks to the flip move that generates extra inertia for your movement. Knowing what can and can’t be done in the game is how you can knock a handful of seconds from your runs in order to place below par for each level, and you will be rewarded with several trophies for your skills.

TerRover is a unique and fun game that requires you to hone your skills and learn from your mistakes in order to succeed. For those that like to bring their friends along for the ride, there are some multiplayer modes that change things around a bit so that everyone can join in the fun.

[review score=”80″ pros=”Interesting premise.
Lots of content.” cons=”Controls take a bit to get used to.”]


This review is based on a PS3 copy of TerRover provided by Creat Studios.