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Tales of Xillia: Preview and Limited Edition Unboxing !

Tales of Xillia follows Jude Mathis, a clever medical student attending school in the capital city, and Milla Maxwell, a mysterious woman accompanied by four unseen beings. The kingdom of Rashugal has been experimenting with a powerful source that led to draining the mana from the world. Realizing the harm it is inflicting on the world, Jude and Milla set off on a journey to destroy it and restore the mana back to the world.

Tales of Xillia is the latest Japanese-RPG from Namco Bandai Tales of Studio and is also a milestone for being part of the 15th anniversary celebrations of the “Tales Of” franchise. The core theme of this game is said to be a “RPG of Unwavering Convictions”. Intriguing… !

I’ve had this game pre-ordered for a few months now, and I was eagerly waiting for its release! With Ni no Kuni (which I a ago), Tales of Xillia one of I hyped to , I’ll my about I with . For the record, I played a little more than the first hour, and I won’t be spoiling anything.

Before I start, I recommend you watch the new Launch Trailer that went live earlier this week:

Tales of Xillia Launch Trailer


Right at the beginning of the game, I was asked to choose to play with one of the two main characters of the game: Jude Mathis (a clever medical student) or Milla Maxwell (a mysterious woman). The story is said to follow the same main path, but from their different points of views and motivations. Being unable to decide, I flipped a coin (lol), and ended up with Jude.

Jude’s story starts in a hospital. After a few quick events, his professor asks him to heal patients because their number of diseases is quickly increasing. From what I understood, everyone in this world has the ability to use Mana by channeling the power through their brains, but there is an unknown anomaly in the Mana flow that prevents some people from using their artes.

Jude and Milla

After he’s finished he starts looking for the professor to report for duty but he is nowhere to be found. Jude starts investigating and meets Milla. He follows her into a dungeon, and that is where the battle engine is introduced.

Tales Of games always had particular names for their battles systems, and Xillia’s one is no exception, being called the Dual Raid Linear Motion Battle System. In short, the battles are fought in a very dynamic and fast-paced realtime Action-RPG style in which you press X to do an attack with your equipped weapon, and O to launch an artes (special ability or magic). Attacks can be chained and eventually, two characters can be linked together to do more damage, but I haven’t been far enough to see it in action. The battle system is similar to the one for Tales of Graces, but feels even more polished. From what I saw, it gives a little more freedom while moving on the battlefield. Also, each of the main characters has his/her own battle theme!

I also had a quick tutorial on how the level-up system works and at first glance, it seems like an evolved version of FFX’s Sphere Grid with a bit more freedom. The perks are arranged in a spiderweb-like pattern (instead of a fixed path), and you can literally select which power-up will be enabled at your leisure by consuming points.

One of the things that surprised me the most is how mature everything feels in this game. Gone are the kiddy menus of Tales of Graces which have been replaced by a really sharp interface. Likely, the main characters are more mature, and the atmosphere (at the beginning of the game at least) is darker that what I’ve been expecting.

Of course, Tales of Xillia is 100% Japanese RPG. If you can’t stand playing games with an anime style, I’m pretty sure this one won’t change your mind. On the other hand, if you’re into JRPGs, you just have to try this game (though it’s sad that there isn’t a demo available on the PSN). With its intuitive controls and the tutorials, it could also very easily be your first Tales Of game. I’ve only played a bit, and I can’t wait to continue my adventure in this world!

Tales of Xillia is now available worldwide.

[tab:Limited Edition Unboxing]

Here’s a small bonus for you!

It might sound silly to do an unboxing for a Limited Edition (instead of the most prestigious Collector Edition), but I couldn’t resist to do it for 3 reasons:

A) It’s @#!$ Tales Of XILLIA !

B) It includes an art book and soundtrack for the first print run.

C) Refer to point A.

Content of the limited edition: The game, a character book, and a music CD

The music CD contains a few selected tracks of the game

The character book

Milla page in the character book