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Zone Of The Enders HD Collection Gets Patched, Oiled And A New Lick Of Paint

Did you avoid buying the Zone of The Enders HD Collection because it operated worse than Optimus Prime without the Creation Matrix? Then you may wish to reconsider as Hexa Drive has tuned up the demake remake of the PS2 classic. Performance issues were raised in our review but thankfully ZOE now plays and looks better than ever before. It’s almost as if it has been remastered.

Check out this video of some pre (left) and post (right) patch footage

Some lovely effects work there. More videos and screens showcasing the upgrade can be found in Hexa Drive’s patch notes. If you like your technical detail more meticulous than Mr Meticulous with a degree in Meticulousness from the University of Meticulosity then do check out Digital Foundry’s meticulous report.

Is this upgrade enough to convince you to pick up the ZOE Collection? Are you angry it took this long to get it right in the first place? At least spare a thought for the poor Xbox owners who won’t even see a patch.