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Taco Bell and PlayStation ‘Play the Future Instant Win Game’ Announced

  • On October 2, 2013

Starting September 26, 2013. US residents can participate in a contest administered by PrizeLogic and is being sponsored by Taco Bell along with Sony. I mention the administrator of the contest because this is very important to this topic. Prizelogic and companies like them are contacted by the sponsors to administer the contest. They run the whole show basically. You may remember them for throwing the “Taste for adventure” contest where participants went in to a local Subway restaurant to get codes from cups, stickers, and chips in order to try to win a copy of Uncharted 3. I bring this up because Taco Bell threw a similar contest for the PlayStation Vita launch titled “Unlock The Box” in 2012.

That contest was administered by Ventura Associates. If you read my article from 2012, you will see how messed up the whole giveaway system was. Apparently some hacker created a code generator and gave him/herself a ton of winning entries during the promotion. Now during that whole surge, I guess legit winners were being screwed out of their legit wins because Ventura couldn’t figure out which is a legit or hacked win because of the alleged cheating. Frustrated winners contacted the Better Business Bureau and even formed a Facebook group to voice their dismay. Now that Facebook group is no longer available but when it was, boy that group lit up like a Christmas tree. One member even posted contact information of the girl in charge of the whole contest at Ventura. That’s how deep they wanted to take this whole thing. In the end, Ventura figured out the winners, and Taco Bell released an official statement about the whole fiasco and soon after, everyone moved on. I myself have won 4 copies of the Uncharted 3 promo, and 2 PlayStation Vita’s through the Taco Bell promo last year. I know I will win a PlayStation 4 for sure. Like a great football couch once said.. “you can’t win if you don’t play.”