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[PS Vita review] Gunslugs

Gunslugs - D

Gunslugs is a highly addictive, retro-inspired, rogue-like, scrolling action shooter which really has almost everything you want in a good game! A big cast of unlockable characters, screen filling end bosses, a nice variety of weapons, drivable tanks, jetpacks, hidden worlds, princesses, armor shop, white wizards, nerds with handhelds, rain, snow, hell, hellworms, sandworms, train rides and soooo much more! The game comes with a thumping soundtrack from legendary chiptune artist Gavin Harrison, leaderboards, trophies, cloud saving, and superb controls.

As mentioned before the break, this is a quirky action shooter that is retro-chic, retro-fun and retro-good! With enemies, bullets, robots, bosses, jetpacks, princesses and tanks, this is one adventure who’s chance you can’t deny!

Along with the cannon fodder enemies that are out for blood, you will also run into mech/tanks, large robots and crazy bosses that can deplete your health bar in a couple of seconds. In order to be able to survive long enough in this crazy game, you’ll have to make the most of the coins you pick up during your adventure. By entering each building you come across, you might find a stash of ammo, some health kits, mini games (such as an arcade where you must avoid deadly hazards to be rewarded with a huge stash of coins), armor you can buy to be protected from some extra hits or even a continue that, while expensive at $100, is your best bet for making it past the first set of levels in one piece.

Gunslugs 2

Orange Pixel has worked hard to make Gunslugs as tight and fun as possible, and this is even more noticeable because of how the game rewards your progress. There are some extra characters to unlock as you play (a couple of which are hidden in the levels), and picking one character over the other provides us with the same great experience but with a different “lead” for the adventure. You’ll get what I mean once you check out the names and appearance of each of the main character.

Gunslugs Boss

Because of that, it reminded me a bit of Jet Pack Joyride since Gunslugs is also a very addicting game AND because it keeps you busy with 3 objectives during each run (on top of having to kill everyone in your path while destroying communication towers in order to make it to the chopper). Gunslugs also gives you more objectives as soon as your current run is completed (and as a long as you’ve met the requirements of at least one of them), thus keeping the Vita glued to your hands.

Gunslugs 1

Gunslugs is an interesting release on PS Vita since it’s the perfect fit for the portable system. The twitch gameplay, colorful pixelated graphics, the great soundtrack and the fact that it favors short gaming sessions (always with 3 extra objectives to aim for) will keep you constantly coming back for more and more. This is definitely a game that all Vita owners must have in their collection.

[review pros=”Charming game

Easy to play
Great music” cons=”
Randomly generated levels means some trophies take longer” score=85]


This review is based on a copy of Gunslugs provided by Orangepixel.