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[PS One Classic Review] Bust-A-Move 4

Bust-A-Move 4 is an adrenaline-packed, highly addictive, bubble-busting puzzle game. Featuring a variety of modes and tons of playable characters, there’s plenty of ways to play!

Bust-A-Move 4 is a nice puzzle game from Natsume and Taito (originally published in 1998) in which three bubbles of the same color must be matched to remove them from play, with your goal being to clear the whole board.

Bust-A-Move 4 – Gameplay

When I started playing this game for review, I realized that this PS One Classic is now representing a genre that is almost extinct nowadays, thanks to all the new game types that emerged in the last decade. In Bust-A-Move, you are controlling a cannon at the bottom of the screen that can shoot color bubbles which stick to the bubbles already on the board. Your goal is to clear the board by destroying the bubbles one at a time or by creating a chain reaction.

The game features a few different modes: the standard “Puzzle” mode, a Player vs. computer mode (in which when you do a good combination, it will penalize the other player and vice versa), a Player vs. Player mode (which can’t work on the PS Vita because there is only “one” controller), and a Challenge mode. I played them all, and I have to say that my favorite was the Challenge mode, because a few of the levels are made to be cleared in only a few hits, and you have think ahead of how a chain reaction can be created.

This re-release seems aimed to players who have played the game back when it was released. As for me, I didn’t play this game back in 1998, so it was interesting to try what this game had tbuso offer. However, this game is available at a budget price, so enthusiastic players will be happy to know that it is only $5.99.

Bust-A-Move is a release faithful to the original PSOne release, featuring perfect emulation of all the original content included back in the day. All Bust-A-Move fans will be pleased with what the game has to ofer, and they will playing for hours and hours before they’ve had a chance to play all the content at hand.

[review pros=”A few different gameplay modes are available
Available at a budget price” cons=”Fun factor wears very quickly
Loading times” score=70]

Cost: $5.99

PSN Game size: 65MB (PS3, PSP and PS Vita compatible).

You can purchase Bust a Move 4 from the PSN.


This review is based on a digital copy provided by Natsume.