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[PS3 Review] Mugen Souls Z

Mugen Souls Z Header - D

Lady Chou-Chou’s back with a vengeance! Taking place right after the first game, the Undisputed God Chou-Chou meets Syrma, the Ultimate God of the Universe, and discovers that there are more worlds to conquer! Can Syrma and Chou-Chou do it and stop an ancient threat from destroying their worlds? 9999 levels of maniacal mishaps and adventure await!

Mugen Souls Z is a direct sequel to Mugen Souls, and it, therefore, brings us back into the life Lady Chou-Chou and her group of underlings and peons. This time around,she’s on a journey to conquer all 12 worlds in order to do good by her title of Undisputed God of the Universe.

Since she’s extremely powerful from her last adventure (because we totally leveled her up to the max, right?) the first fight in the game is over in a few seconds. Since being so overpowered would not make this a fun RPG, we’re soon introduced to a lovely plot-twist that brings everything down to a more manageable level. After Lady Chou-Chou and her group find a strange girl with a cool-looking coffin, curiosity gets the best of her, and she ends up being sucked into the coffin… which strips her of all power AND somehow reduces her size, leaving only a tiny chibi version of her former self.

Mugen Souls Z - 2

Even though she’s no longer the all-powerful god from before, Lady Chou-Chou is still set on conquering all 12 worlds, even more so when she learns that tracking down the god from each world and placing them inside the coffin might eventually make the coffin overflow with power, and this could force it to release all of her energy, power and skills.

But wait, there’s more! Since Lady Chou-Chou is tiny and powerless, Syrma (that is, the girl who had the coffin) will be the one doing the heavy lifting, which means she’ll be able to transform into new personas in order to captivate your enemies. That’s right, you not only have to select the right pose and attitude to captivate your enemies, you also have to select the right persona to increase your odds. But be careful because even though you can change your persona as many times as you want while on the field, when in battle you can only change it once per turn, so plan accordingly! Each enemy you captivate will be turned into Shampurus, lowly peons of Lady Chou-Chou that help improve her ship.

Mugen Souls Z - 1

As you fight, you will receive several different materials and items, and they’re all crucial to your cause. Items help you to recover your SP or HP, or they can temporally increase your stats, and materials are a must for unlocking new weapons, armor and items. Unlike other games that require you to create things by using materials X and Y, Mugen Souls Z only asks that you sell the materials to the store. Yes, it’s as simple as that!

The game is a bit slow at first since a lot of tutorials and information is presented to players, but after an hour or ao things start to move in the right direction. Fights are fast-paced and take place in a separate arena where each character can move around within a designated area, adding an extra strategy element to the turn-based nature of the game. Luckily, fights aren’t random and you can see enemies in the map which allows you to plan accordingly.

Things get more and more complicated once you’re required to captivate whole PLANETS in order to be able to conquer them since you need to either defeat X number of enemies, provide the captivate point with an item or use one of Syrma’s personas to pose for the planet spot (depending on the clue you’re provided). Even if you actually use the persona from the hint, if your level for said persona ain’t high enough, you’ll miss the mark. On that note, the more you use captivate in fights, and the more Shampurus you collect, the easier it will be to level up your personas.

Mugen Souls Z Fight

All in all, Mugen Souls Z is a release that continues the adventures of Lady Chou-Chou and her gang. If you liked the first one, then the sequel is a must since it improves on everything that Mugen Souls, and then some. You’re looking at around 30-40 hours to complete the game, and unlocking the platinum trophy will end up adding dozens of hours on top of that count.

[review pros=”Direct sequel to Mugen Souls.
Improved everyting.
Lots to do.
” cons=”The start is slow, slow, sloooooow
” score=80]


This review is based on a copy of Mugen Souls Z provided by NIS America.