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[Vita Review] Another World

Originally developed for Amiga in 1991 and released on multiple platforms over the years, Another Worldâ„¢ (aka Out Of This Worldâ„¢) has become a major reference for gamers everywhere. More than 20 years later, Eric Chahi’s cult title has not aged a bit, as prove its rich gameplay, its immersive environment and its unrivalled art direction! In 2012, Another Worldâ„¢ made its debut in the prestigious MoMA in New York, among the first 14 games selected by the museum for having made gaming history!

Another World (or Out Of This World as it was known when it was release in North America) is a classic retro puzzle game from Éric Chahi that was originally released in 1991 on the Amiga. This game has been ported to virtually all the modern platforms, but I had the pleasure to play the Vita version!

Another World – Interview

If you never played Another World (like myself), this is a 2D retro-platformer in which you must (very) quickly figure out what to do at each step of the way. It’s very disturbing at first because the game is mercilessly hard you when you don’t know what to do. To be honest, when I started playing, I needed a Youtube video to get past the FOURTH screen in the game (guess I’m just not wired to just get this sort of game).

And once you get the hang of things and get a little farther in the game, you manage to secure a weapon (a gun!), which surprisingly makes the game even harder because you must now successfully evade enemy attacks AND hit the enemies with your gun! But one of the coolest things is that all of the events are scripted, so once you know the pattern, you can breeze through the game and its story completely in 20-30 minutes or so

Gameplay-wise, I found the controls to be relatively natural on the Vita, but the game is still a little hard to maneuver at times (this game is 20 years old after all). But don’t worry since it doesn’t take more than a few minutes for things to click.

Something I definitely loved is how you’re allowed to switch between the retro graphics and the remastered graphics by simply pressing the Triangle button (at all times, with no delay – even during the cut-scenes).

Final Thoughts

I’m really glad that I got to play Another World, even with its unforgiving difficulty for first-time players. I loved switching from the retro graphics to the remastered ones at the press of a button while playing, since it helped me to appreciate some of the changes made to the designs over the last 20 years.

If, like me, you end up getting stuck at a specific point in the game, you can check this a 20-minute long clean-run of the game – just be sure to use as your last resort!

[review pros=”Great release for the PS family
Retro and remastered graphics and soundtrack available” cons=”REALLY hard if you don’t know what to expect
” score=80]


PSN Game size: 110MB


This review is based on a digital copy provided by The Digital Lounge.