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PS3BlogCast Episode 128

Welcome to another episode of the podcast, we’re glad that the site made a smooth transition to the new owners. I’m glad we get to keep doing this silly little thing called podcasting. Then again we do it because you all keep listening, and we thank you for your support.

I know we’ve missed a few giveaways that we had talked about doing, despite having some in the chamber and almost ready to go. Work has been the primary reason behind the lag of everything but I promise we’ll have some nice big things in the coming months.

What would be some things you’d like to see in a future giveaway? Let us know in the comments below!

Enter the secret word(s) mentioned in the PS3BlogCast to earn 150 points. The first 5 people to enter it correctly get double points!

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As always, we want to remind you that the PS3BlogCast is listed on iTunes! So please subscribe and rate/review us there.

You can also leave a voicemail for us by calling PS3-888-BLOG or if you want to contact us via email for us you can do so here. We have a dedicated forum for the PS3BlogCast so you can leave your questions and feedback there as well.

Here’s a list of some things we discussed:

  • New Releases
  • No Man’s Sky a timed exclusive
  • Sony’s financials
  • Destiny’s end game
  • Watch Dogs
  • LittleBigPlanet 3 release date
  • EA access
  • New’n’tasty
  • Secret word