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[PS3/Vita Review] Zen Pinball 2: The Walking Dead Table

The Walking Dead Pinball - Header Image

The pinball masters at Zen Studios have partnered with Telltale Games and Robert Kirkman, the Eisner Award-winning creator and writer of The Walking Dead for his Skybound imprint at Image Comics, to create an all-new digital pinball table based on the award-winning The Walking Dead game series.

Table features:
-The Walking Dead Pinball table playfield is a tour of the most iconic locations from the game, including the St. John’s Dairy Farm, Travelier Motel, Bell Tower, Train & Level Crossing, RV and more.
– Original lines and award winning voice actors from the game, including Dave Fennoy and Melissa Hutchison
– Missions center on player choice in survival situations such as choosing who to save in a zombie attack, solving problems within the group, and acquiring important tools, vehicles and fuel.
– Lee, Clementine and The Walking Dead zombies are represented as 3D characters in game.

Purchasing this content entitles you to both the PS3™ and “PS Vita” versions!

Zen Pinball 2: Walking Dead Table – Trailer

For their new Zen Pinball 2 DLC, Zen Studios decided to go with the extremely popular The Walking Dead franchise. Be advised that this table is based on the first season of the Telltale Game, and not the TV Show. But for fans of Telltale’s take on the series, this table will let us relive a few moments from the game on which it’s based!

The original voice actors are also back in this DLC, and they share a few lines together depending on the actions you trigger on the board. Quite a few of them can be triggered with various effects as well: the silver ball might change to a football, and you can get a lot of points by hitting the walker standing on the board! There is also a bonus section in the upper part of the board that can give you extra points, and the table also features a night event (see screenshot below) in which Lee and Clem must be more careful.

Some events trigger key decisions from the first season, and depending on the event you triggered, you’ll be able to choose an episode and/or a key event from this season. Without spoiling anything here, I’ll say that it was very fun to play out! It also makes me think about a potential table for Season 2 later in the year, and I can’t wait for when that is available.

One thing that I’d like to note is that the color palette of the board makes the ball hard to follow sometimes, but you get used to if for a bit. And trophy hunters will be happy to know that this DLC adds two new trophies to Zen Pinball 2.


I liked playing Zen Pinball’s adaptation of The Walking Dead franchise. The board and characters are beautifully animated, and the locations are recognizable. The original voice actors and the events that will unfold as you play are also very cool! However, like I mentioned in my review, the color palette of the board makes the ball hard to follow, but that would be the only negative thing I’d have to say about this otherwise excellent DLC.

[review pros=”Cross-Buy for the PS3/PS4 and Vita versions
Very good adaptation of the game
Lots of event that can be triggered” cons=”Color palette makes it hard to see the ball sometimes” score=90]

Cost: $2.99

PSN Game size: 50MB

You can purchase Zen Pinball 2 DLC from the PSN.


This review is based on a digital copy of The Walking Dead Pinball Table provided by Zen Studios.

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