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[PS Vita Review] Murasaki Baby

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Where’s mummy?

Grab Baby’s hand with your finger and guide her through a nightmarish journey to find her Mother.
Change the mood of the game with a swipe of the rear touch pad and use these to solve puzzles and help Baby progress.
Teach Baby what is good and bad, what is safe and what is not.
Experience a world of marvel presented in a uniquely hand-drawn art style.

Murasaki Baby tells the story of Baby. One night she wakes up and gets scared because she can’t find her mommy. As is to be expected, she decides to go outside of her home into an unknown world in order to find out what happened to mommy and why she wasn’t by her side when she woke up.

Gameplay focuses on the use of the touchscreen and of the rear touchpad. By holding Baby’s hand, you’ll be able to move her around the screen in her search for her mommy. Pull a bit, and she will slowly walk. Pull hard, and she’ll desperately run, and if you’re not careful, she’ll trip and fall to the ground. Her movement also changes depending on the mood that has been set in the background because some will make her cautious, and some will make her more carefree and happy.

Murasaki Baby - 2

Moods also play a big role for puzzle solving since specific moods will make platforms materialize in your path, or they might have a trigger for you to active by touching the rear pad which will have an effect on the area or on the critters and characters you find on your journey.

Murasaki Baby - 3

If Baby becomes scared (and she’s scared of everything), she will let go of her purple balloon. If the balloon pops by hitting a sharp object (or if it gets to the edge of the screen), it’s “game over.” Luckily, the checkpoint system is generous and, like Baby, you’ll learn from your mistakes and do better the next time. Since part of your job is also to teach Baby what is good and what is bad, and she’ll remember this the next time she finds a similar situation. For example, once you teach her how to climb down from a ledge, the next time you find one she’ll look at you and point at it, to then run over to the edge to jump down.

Murasaki Baby - 1

Trophy hunters will love to hear that almost all of the trophies for Murasaki Baby are story related. This means that there is a single trophy that is missable (a little Googling will show you which one), making it easy to 100% the game. Speaking of that, it will probably take you about 3 hours at most to complete the game, so do take that into consideration.

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Murasaki Baby feels as if Tim Burton’s sketchbook had been brought to life, which definitely works in favor of Murasaki Baby. I loved my time with the game, and while some might complain that the game is short, I believe the game is just right as is. I definitely look forward to seeing what Ovosonico can do for their next game, and wish them the best of luck with Murasaki Baby.

[review pros=”Great art style
Likable chracters
Fun gameplay mechanics” cons=”Some might complain that it’s a short game” score=80]


This review is based on a digital copy provided by Ovosonico.