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2 Comments 2014 Halloween Contest

As you can tell it’s Halloween month at and it’s time for our annual Halloween contest! It’s always fun to see what costumes and pumpkins people come up with. As a new thing this year, you can take a picture of your house, if you are a decoration enthusiast!

To enter the contest, submit a picture in your Halloween Costume, a photo of your Pumpkin or your house. Your picture must include a visible sign with “” written on it. You can also submit a photo of your significant other or child dressed up, but you must also be in the photo!

Cut off date for posting your photo is November 7th at the stroke of midnight! Be fair, do not post photos from past years, it must be from this year! 🙂

I’ll update this post with the pictures I receive, and on the following days, I will create a poll and let the readers decide the best picture!

Contest Prizes

1st Prize – $20 US PSN Card* + 2000 Points
2nd Prize – 1000 Points
3rd Prize – 500 Points

*For an international winner, we will send $20 by Paypal


Here are the pictures!

Insight’s PS3 pumpkin:

Clint is “hacking the ctOS towers”:

Jason, as Twisty from American Horror Story (pretty cool!):

Myself (lol… didn’t put too much effort I admit — but hey, I’m not participating ;):