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[PS3/Vita Review] Zen Pinball 2 - Venom Table

Venom Header Image - D

Zen Pinball 2 has released its latest DLC in the form of a table dedicated to Venom, he of Spiderman fame. For those keeping track of the tables released for Zen Pinball 2, there already is a table that centers on Spiderman and his villains. What makes this one different?

This table moves the focus onto the Venom story arch with fixtures on the table paying homage to Venom lore, from the bell tower that helped Spider-man rid himself of the Symbiote and turned Eddy Brock into Venom to the Statue of Liberty, reminding you that the story of Spider-man is set in New York – a subtle design choice was the decision to make the ramps look like subway rails.

Venom Table - 1

Whilst the main story and theme of the table focuses on the 3 main players of the symbiote story, i.e Venom, Spiderman and Carnage, the table however does pay respect to other Venom related sub characters like She-Venom, Mac Gargan and Agent Venom, to name a few.

As always with every Zen Pinball table, the level of detail is immense. You can never accuse the team of not working hard on their interpretation of an IP. Every detail of the table is perfect down to the tiniest of details – a special mention goes to the use of living Symbiote to hold the pinball table in place.

Ultimately it comes down to how much fun can be had from playing on this table and, for me, whilst there are some genuine thrills here it does come across as a little lacking. Yes, the visuals and scenery of the table are exciting, and the scenes involving Carnage are solid gold, whose boundless insanity takes over the screen whenever he’s around.

The table does come across as a bit lackluster with nothing truly unique to separate it from the horde of tables already available. But, with that being said, the bits where you play with Carnage do stand out. Ultimately the table does feel familiar to all the other tables you played before.

Venom Table - 2

In summary, if you are a fan of Venom and his side characters then this might be the table for you. But if not, then you may want to consider giving this a pass. As a frequenter of Zen Pinball 2, almost everything here feels familiar and overplayed. If you’ve somehow yet to play a Zen Pinball 2 table, I recommend the original Spider-man table over this one.

[review pros=”Lots for Venom fans to sink their teeth into
Cross-buy for PS3 and Vita
Carnage” cons=”Nothing mind-blowing that hasn’t been done before.” score=70]


This review is based on a PS3/Vita copy of the Venom pinball table provided by Zen Studios.