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2014 Vita and PS3 Gaming in Review: <br/>What were our best games this year?

I think everyone will agree that 2014 was a great year for gaming! With a ton of awesome games releases, plus the new AAA games we had for the new consoles, we had our hands full!

In this post, I’ll detail the best games I played this year as well as some others I have yet to enjoy. Of course, please do keep in mind that we didn’t play all of this year’s releases, and that we’ll focus on PS3 and Vita releases in this post. We’re doing a second one featuring the best of the PS4, and that one will go live tomorrow over at After you ‘re done reading this list, I want you to tell us about yours!

Playstation 3

On the PlayStation 3, we had plenty of great games to play this year!

Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom
Following last year’s very average dungeon crawler, The Secret of the Nameless Kingdom came to be one of the games I enjoyed the most this year. With its classic gameplay and dungeon exploration – even if sometimes featuring unclear objectives – I can clearly recommend it to every adventure gamer!

South Park – Stick of Thruth
After a delay from its original release date, die-hard South Park fans were eager to play this game! It’s a very fun (and gross) RPG that follows most of the characters from the TV show playing a kind of city-wide Dungeons and Dragon-style game. The RPG elements are great, and every taboo you can think of is featured in this game. Not safe for kids, but most likely very fun for you!


Final Fantasy X/X2 HD (+Vita)
I’d been waiting for this one since its announcement. I played through it from start to finish, and I was surprised about how the battle system and overall game have aged so well. The only issue I had with this remaster is the exclusion of the ability to skip the cutscenes. Since the first six hours of FFX are practically like watching a huge movie, not being unable to skip was an annoyance. The inclusion of FFX-2 free of charge was great, but the exclusion of Cross-Buy between the PS3 and Vita was not.

The Walking Dead Season Two
The first Telltale GAmes release of 2014 was the second season of the popular The Walking Dead game. In this one, we follow Clementine in her quest after the events from the first season. In order to make this a spoiler-free post, that’s all I can say, but you can rest assured this game is a great game, and I recommend it to every gamer out there!

Playstation Vita

On the PlayStation Vita, we had a lot of Cross-Buy and Cross-Save games this year. The PS Vita is an amazing system, and I spend more than half of my gaming time on that console. Here are some of the best titles I played this year:

Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment (RPG)
Hollow Fragment is the first Sword Art Online game to be localized from of Japan. It follows Kirito and the SAO main characters after the events of the first TV Show season as they make their way towards clearing the 100th floor of the Aincrad dungeon in which they’re trapped. The gameplay is cool, and the combat is fun, but it felt a bit redundant as the floor progression went on. Still an overall great game for you to enjoy.


This is a surprise indie game that released for Halloween. It asks you to solve some puzzles in which you must scare everyone in your mansion with a limited amount of scares you can produce in each level. Despite the name of this game, it’s actually one of the cutest game I played this year, and I encourage you to try it!

Tales of Hearts R (RPG)
I had been waiting for this one since its original Japanese release. Tales of Hearts R is a JRPG that follows Kor Meteor in his quest to recover the shattered pieces of Kohaku Hearts’ spiria (sort of her soul). The gameplay is built on the classic Tales Of setting and is a great pick-up and play option since each play session can be around 15 minutes long.


My best games of the year

All summed up, here are the three best games I played this year:


Of course, each of you will have his/her own list for the best games of the year… so, what were YOUR top three games this year? Let’s debate for the BEST game this year in the comments below!

And don’t forget, our best of the PS4 library will be live tomorrow at!