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[Review Revisited] Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara

D and D - Review Revisited

The Dungeons & Dragons series is as old as gaming itself, and millions of people around the world still get together to play as adventurers from a far away land. There have been several adaptations of the D&D lore in video game form, but none has been as fun and perfect as the Dungeons & Dragons arcade games. And for this Review Revisited, it’s time to showcase the excellent Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara collection!

You can read the original review right here.

Arcade perfect ports of both Dungeons & Dragons games at an extremely low price is a no-brainer. Back in the day I spent hundreds of dollars trying to finish each game with every class, and I had a ton of fun. Having these at home is so good that I ended up buying a second copy on Wii U to be able to play when the TV was unavailable! There’s so much to do in this game that you’ll probably be coming back to it for months.