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Muteki’s status update on Dragon Fantasy Book III

Dragon Fantasy is a great RPG series from indie developer Muteki Corporation that has had two “episodes” released back in 2013 on Playstation platforms. The first one was a great game that took place in a Dragon Warrior-esque setting and the second one was a Final Fantasy IV/Chrono Trigger-style experience.

We had alot of fun reviewing both games here, and we’ve been waiting for a Book III announcement ever since, as the third chapter is sort of hinted near the end of Book II.

Last week, Muteki Corporation went and wrote a status update on their blog about the upcoming title, and the answer might be disappointing to a few of you guys. Here’s an excerpt of said blog post:

First, our focus right now is porting Dragon Fantasy Book I & II to the systems and the territories we committed to: Books I (and possibly II) to 3DS, while bringing the improved Book I back to PC, Mac, and Linux. […]

Second, it takes time to make the game we want to at the quality level we’re looking for. We just about killed ourselves putting out Book II in about sixteen months. Once we begin Book III (and we haven’t yet), we expect development to take a solid three years. […]

Lastly, we’re going to need to find a way (or ways) to fund Book III. Much as we would have loved Book II to be a million dollar success, it sold well, but not quite well enough. We’ve got a few irons in the fire on this one, and we have lots of options, ranging from Kickstarter/IndieGoGo to working with a publisher.

So, where’s Dragon Fantasy Book III? Not started yet. It won’t be coming for a good, long, time. Likely many years. We know that’s disappointing to a lot of people and for that, we’re sorry. In the meantime, the course is set for Book 1 & II as well as some other projects we hope will excite you. But when we do have Book III news, you — our fans — will be the first to know.

Well… There you have it, Dragon Fantasy Book III development hasn’t begun yet, and will likely take a few years before the game is released. At least while you wait you can try to get the Platinum trophy for Book II if you haven’t done so already since it’s relatively easy to obtain!