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[PS Vita Review] Criminal Girls: Invite Only

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Welcome to Hell! As a Program Instructor, it’s your job to rehabilitate a special group of criminal girls so they can atone for their sins and return to the mortal world. Motivate the girls, defeat Convicts, and reach the top of the Hell Spire!

In Criminal Girls: Invite Only, you play as a Program Instructor tasked with guiding Delinquents through the Hell Spire to complete the Reformation Program. Defeat Convicts by commanding the girls in battle, and help them grow with steamy Motivations! Can you coach these girls to work together and make it to the very top?

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Criminal Girls: Invite Only is a new risqué RPG straight from Japan this, however, is a very different experience from other RPGs that you are used to playing.

Criminal Girls has you starting your new job as a warden in Hell. Your goal is to reform the girls that are being held in the jails at the very bottom of hell. You start off with four girls that need reforming, and you find out that some escaped into the upper levels of Hell. You will eventually find them and help get them reformed as well.


With your initial four party members, you quickly find out that since they’re jail they do not want to help you fight the monsters that have invaded Hell. This requires you to motivate them into battle. How do you motivate them? In a fitting release window with the new 50 Shades of Grey Movie, you need to whip, electrocute, and tickle them (to name a few of the available actions) to get them to fight on your side. This is done through a mini-game where you use the touch screen and the back screen to “properly motivate them.” Once you got them on your side, you need to continue to use your motivation skills to help them level up and learn new abilities. This took me by surprise since when you’re “motivating” your characters, they are shown in sexually explicit positions.

With that out of the way, the random encounters are actually fun. For once the battle screen looks completely different from most RPGs, with all four characters of your party being represented in different corners of the screen. Then you get to choose which girl you would like to attack – you also not get to choose the attack, since they will pick the one they want to do. Sometimes others will follow suit, but you can only really count on the Girl you picked. As your motivation continues, and your characters get stronger and learn new skills, they can learn special combo moves with different characters, making the battles feel very different and involving.


All of the art for the characters looks very good, and it should since this is a remastered version of the PSP game. All of the battle scenes look great with excellent hand-drawn characters that give it a really unique feel during battles that you won’t experience in most RPGs. The dungeons don’t seem to be overly detailed and don’t show off what the Vita can do, reminding me of more old school RPG’s on the SNES (again, probably has something to do with its PSP origins). It has its charm, but you don’t get the same remastered vibe from the other sprites in the game.

There are 37 trophies included in the game with a Platinum! The big news here is 26 silver trophies overall (only one gold trophy). If you’re looking to up your trophy level, spending some time here will help. The Platinum is not hard to get since you just need to spend a considerable amount time grinding for it.

Overall the game is a good dungeon crawler/RPG. It comes down to whether you appreciate the “Motivation” minigames. If this is something that you would enjoy, then you will probably like the game. If you find it off-putting, then this game might not be for you.

[review pros=”Neat Battle System
Great Hand-drawn Art
Dungeon Crawling is fun” cons=”People could take issues with the content
Motivation minigames are simple” score=75]

Cost: $39.99

PS Vita Game size: 1.5 GB

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This review is based on a PS Vita copy of Criminal Girls: Invite Only provided by NISA.

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