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La-Mulana EX Out on Vita!

La Mulana EX

Rising Star Games got in touch to let us know they’re publishing La-Mulana EX on Vita. In fact, the game is now available at the PSN store! Want to learn more about this game? Then click after the break for the official trailer and for all the information you need on the game.

Set in the fabled ruins of La-Mulana, players will help Professor Lemeza Kosugiembark on an exciting but incredibly deadly adventure. Armed at first with only his trusty whip, he’ll traverse through the lost city, finding treasures and discovering a bounty of unexplored caves, unsolved riddles and ravenous monsters. But with the ruins having claimed the lives of everyone that has ever entered, will Lemeza be able to survive in the quest to find the secret to life itself?


La-Mulana EX Key Features:
– Travel almost anywhere in the game right from the start
– All-new Monster Bestiary allows players to view beautiful artwork and analyze details of the monsters slayed and characters met
– Players now have the option to undo the “Hard Mode” curse
– Improved translations and language support for English, Japanese, French, Spanish, German, and Russian


Have you played La-Mulana before? Are you getting this new version? Let us know in the comments below!