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[PS3/Vita Review] Zen Pinball 2: Iron & Steel Pack


Zen Studios just released a new table pack for their popular Zen Pinball 2 game. This time, the Iron & Steel Pack contains two tables: one in the CastleStorm universe, and a second one featuring the Wild West. Read below to find out our review of these new tables!

Wanna battle your way through menacing hordes of Vikings or take on a crooked gang of outlaws in the Old West?

You can do that and more in Iron & Steel Pack, an exciting pinball table two-pack that combines Zen’s own epic medieval adventure CastleStorm with Wild West Rampage, an all-new table where you can play as Cindy, a tough-as-nails frontier bounty hunter in the Old West!

Barge into a world of dragons and trains, swords and six-shooters, the perfect blend of the Middle Ages and the Wild West!

Zen Pinball 2: Iron & Steel Pack

CastleStorm Table

The CastleStorm pinball table of this pack will take you back to the medieval world of Sir Gareth. The design of the table is relatively standard and doesn’t particularly stand out but is well done, and the overall tone of the table is true to the source material. While playing through it some fun events can be triggered, like a wave of Vikings in which enemies appear on the board, and you can rake a lot of bonus points while hitting the spawning wave of enemies with the ball.

There is also a Castle Siege mini-mode, in which the ball will get in the upper right section of the board, and you’ll have to break the structures like in the original CastleStorm game. This mini mode isn’t easy though because this section is quite small, and the ball goes around very fast! If you manage to keep the ball long enough in this small section, you get a LOT of bonus points!

This level was fun to play, but I think this one is somewhat harder than the other Zen Pinball tables I played, which really isn’t so bad when you think about it, but it’s definitely a bit more of an acquired taste (unless you’re a fan of Castlestorm, which will instantly make you love this table).


Wild West Rampage Table

Wild West Rampage is an original table for Zen Pinball 2. This one features Cindy, a “tough-as-nails frontier bounty hunter” who wants to take the place of Sheriff Evans. One of the first thing that got me while playing is how well this table is designed. It features a saloon on the upper side, a Sheriff Star and even the bumpers on the side are like a steam engine. The background soundtrack of this table is also very catchy and its sound effects are also great: each time the ball hits one of the lower bumpers, it triggers a gun shot sound that is very appropriate in this context!

This table also features a lot of events, like a duel between Cindy and the Sheriff when the Sheriff star is spun ten times. There is also an event that involves the steam train (but is quite hard to activate), and another one that spawns barrels on the map and they must be destroyed before the time runs out for bonus points. Finally, depending on where your ball goes, there are a lot of words that can be spelled, and each one gives you a different bonus.

The Wild West Rampage table is amazing, and hands down the best pinball table I’ve played in Zen Pinball 2. I definitively recommend every Zen Pinball player to try it out!


I liked the CastleStorm Pinball table, but the Wild West Rampage one was definitively my favorite! I loved everything in this table, and I recommend you try it out!

Take note: purchasing the PS3 or Vita version nets you all 3 versions of the game (PS3, PS4 and Vita), while the PS4 version will ONLY give you the PS4 version (weird, but that’s, unfortunately, how it works!).

[review pros=”Cross-Buy for the PS3/PS4 and Vita versions
Great addition to the Zen Pinball II
The Wild West Rampage table” cons=”None in particular” score=88]

Cost: $4.99

PSN Game size: 768MB

You can purchase Iron & Steel Pack from the PSN.


This review is based on a digital copy provided by Zen Studios.