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Izle Kickstarter Is Now Live

Izle Header Image - 1

Area Effect has let us know that their Kickstarter campaign for Izle is now live! Check past the break for the trailer for the campaign for Izle as well as for the link to support the development of the game.

In Izle you build your own world. By summoning the power the gods you can create entire islands, each one procedurally generated so no two islands are the same, and each one ready for you to explore.

Izle is powered by a novel smooth-voxel engine, allowing us to generate complete environments, piece-by-piece, bit-by-bit. On one hand this gives you the creative power of building a world with just a few clicks, while on the other it enables us to wage destruction at a precise level. This way the creation of the world is at the center of the gameplay experience; you can build your world and see it flourish, but if you fail in your quests, you will see it destroyed. You are responsible for everything that happens in Izle, from its trees and waterfalls, to its survival against the Shadows.

If you want to see this game on Sony’s PlayStation consoles, you can click right here to pledge your money to the campaign. There are no stretch goals for the PlayStation releases, so if the campaign makes it to the main goal we’ll get to play Izle on our console of choice!