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Amnesia: Memories Will Be Released On PS Vita This August

Amnesia Memories

Idea Factory Internatinal has annonced they will bring Amnesia: Memories to the PlayStation Vita this August as a digital-only release. Want to learn more about this visual novel? Then click past the break to read about its story and features!

On the 1st of August, you awake as the Heroine, with previous memories of who you are somehow snatched away from you. In your confusion, a mysterious spirit named Orion appears to help you regain your memories. You’ll explore your own world as a complete stranger, trying to understand what was once familiar all while hiding your condition from the five men close to you. Because, as Orion warns, you may jeopardize any chance of recovering your memories if anyone finds out. It’s now up to you recover the past to rewrite your future love story!

The games features are as follows:

* Love Your Own Way! Select one of five guys as your love interest, each with multiple
branching story paths. Picking your romantic interest creates different background scenarios
for each character, essentially creating many distinct worlds with a total of 26 endings!

* Affection, Trust, and…Suspicion?! Three parameters affect your relationship with your
future love. Make the right conversation choices, and you’ll keep Affection and Trust maxed
out, but if Suspicion gets too high you’ll be at risk of a Bad Ending!

* College Games Use touch controls to play mini-games like Rock, Paper, Scissors and Air
Hockey against other characters. Beating them will unlock special images!

* A Picture, 1000 Words Meet certain requirements and you’ll be able to unlock voiced images
in the Gallery. Touching certain areas of the image will play dialogue of feelings that couldn’t
be previously expressed.

What do you think of this new Vita release? Let us know in the comments below!