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[PS Vita Review] Home

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Home: A Unique Horror Adventure is a 2D Pixelated horror game. The objective of Home is to solve the murders and search for your wife as you make your way home. The game is quite similar to Lone Survivor but much easier and a lot shorter – so yes, this will definitely appeal to the Lone Survivor fans.

Let’s start with something we usually discuss at the end of a review: All trophies are missable. But on an interesting twist, that doesn’t really matter as each playthrough takes a little over an hour, and three playthroughs are required anyway to get all the endings (maybe possibly four if you missed anything). The game has no chapter select, so you must start the whole game from scratch for that 100% in your trophy list.

For each playthrough, players need to find specific clues and pick up certain collectibles and finish the game in particular rooms to get each ending. Done? Rinse and repeat two more times in two different rooms. Remember, if you don’t get everything after three playthroughs then an additional playthrough may be required to add another 100% to your collection.

Home 1

As I said earlier Home: A Unique Horror Adventure is a short and sweet game and a very easy on. It’s more of a psychological horror game than a survival horror release as there are no real horror sounds or jump scares or anything like that.

The game has some minimalist puzzles to solve – nothing too difficult or time-consuming. The solutions are easy to figure out, and usually the answer is not far away. Home has absolutely no combat. It is a pure exploration adventure with items to discover, and with no voice acting. All narration is text-only, with visual cues.

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There is a sort of a choice based system which only consists of yes or no answers. The choices you make are different in each playthrough, making the outcome different from your previous run. Players will find items along the way they can choose to pick up or leave as is, and this again changes the outcome of the game. Choose wisely and always make notes of what you chose to pick up so you can make another choice in your next playthrough!

Home: A Unique Horror Adventure is very enjoyable and completely bug free which is a nice plus. The game won’t appeal to the masses, but of Lone Survivor, and other minimalistic games will love this. The absolute best thing about the game is there is absolutely no combat at all, and I found this to be a wonderful change of pace from the type of games I usually play. I will definitely be doing a second and a third playthrough and grab that 100%!

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I know this is frowned upon by the majority of players, but there is no cross save functionality so that means players. At least that means that you have the opportunity to get a double 100% on PSV and PS4 thanks to the game being cross-buy. Will you play this game six times on both platforms and get a double 100%? And speaking of that, there are twelve trophies to earn for this title, and they are six bronze, four silver and one gold for your collection.

Developed and published by Benjamin Rivers Inc., this is Benjamin River’s first game, and he has done well. I look forward to seeing more from him in the future!

[review pros=”Great pixel graphics.
Three different endings.
A good story that will keep you playing.” cons=”Very short game.” score=85]