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Class of Heroes 3 Coming to PSP and Vita!

Class of Heroes 3 Header Image

After launching Class of Heroes 2 on PSP and Class of Heroes 2G on PS3 as physical and digital releases, MonkeyPaw Games and GAIJINWORKS are back for another round of dungeon crawling with Class of Heroes 3 for the PSP! That’s right, there is a chance that a PSP game will be released in 2015!

Class of Heroes 3 - 1

One of the many new features in Class of Heroes 3 will be the ability to choose one of three schools from which to begin the game that will become the player’s home base. Your school of choice will not only affect the game’s difficulty but will also give players access to different uniforms and interaction with charmingly unique characters.

A central component of the game will be an Affinity System that allows game characters to have love/hate relationships and which players are able to control. Players will explore all-new labyrinths that now have ambient music during exploration and feature enhanced graphics. The battle system has been upgraded with play-friendly features like HP gauges on each monster encountered and a visual targeting system.

Class of Heroes 3 - 2

A poll will go live during May to gauge the interest for a Limited Edition Physical+Digital version for Class of Heroes 3, as was the case for Class of Heroes 2 and Class of Heroes 2G. If all goes according to their plans, this will allow collector’s to keep their physical version in pristine shape while they use their PSN code to redeem a digital copy of the game.

Class of Heroes 3 - 3

Be sure to stick around at so that you can know when the poll has gone live. Let’s make this Limited Edition release happen!