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[PS3 Review] MouseCraft


MouseCraft is a brick-laying game in the style of Lemmings’ minion management with tetrominos similar to those of Tetris, making for an interesting mix. So if you like Lemmings and Tetris, MouseCraft has been specifically created for you.

The aim of the game is to get a trio of rodents to their cheese without getting killed. The main protagonist is a mad nutty scientist called Professor Schr̦dinger Рhe is kitted out in a white lab coat and wacky googles. The Professor is obsessed with his latest creation, a mysterious mice powered machine.

To pass each level only one mice needs to reach the platform with the cheese on it, but to get a perfect score you must try and get all three mice to the finish line. Along the way, players must carefully place the tetromino pieces on the level so you must pick the suitable bricks that will get your mice across the level unharmed to their cheese dinner.

Each level has hazards and obstacles in your path to prevent your mice from making it in one piece. To help players in their quest, there is a nifty pause feature that allows you to pause the game mid-level to plan the placements of each tetromino before the mice meet their doom. There is no penalty for doing this, and it is an unlimited feature so feel free to abuse. Levels are broken down into four stages, and as you progress through the levels you can collect anima shards, ancient crystals with great value on the planet Cohesia, the world of MouseCraft.

Professor Shrödinger’s mad animations can be seen throughout the game’s 80 story mode levels and is not just limited to cutscenes (a very nice touch I might add!). The Professor’s reaction to each experiment certainly adds enjoyment to the game in a cute kind of way. Players will be smiling from start to finish. For replayability, there is a level editor mode where you can create new content and edit any levels they have designed. There is not limit, and you can make as many as you want.

Mousecraft 2

MouseCraft also has a stats feature, showing how many levels you completed, the number of anima shards collected, how many levels have ben completed with perfect scores, how many undo’s have been used, the number of levels created in level editor, the total number of time spent under water, the total number of tiles travelled by your mice, the total number of bricks built on all levels… and a lot more stuff! The stats list is a long one, and it provides a lot of info that will be very valuable for players.

MouseCraft also features four unlockable videos that you can get after completing 20 levels, and each one features a fun cutscene to expand on the Mousecraft universe. Once unlocked, players can view these from the main menu at any time.

There is also a cloud sync save feature so you can save to cloud storage to then download it and continue playing on the platform of your choice (PS4, PS3 or PS Vita).

Mousecraft 1

MouseCraft is a very fun game that can be finished in around 6 hours or so, as long as you try to collect all the anima shards. The game has awesome animations that will make the players smile. The later levels can be a little tricky but thanks to the pause feature they can be completed in a few tries. I absolutely loved Mousecraft, a short and sweet puzzle game in the style of Lemmings with a hint of Tetris throw in the mix. There’s really not much to complain about this clever game that includes 12 easy trophies (8 Bronze, 3 Silver and 1 Gold).

[review pros=”Great level design.
Humorous cutscenes.” cons=”Nothing to complain about!” score=88]