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[PS3 Action-RPG Review] DeathSpank Trilogy – <br/>Part 3: The Baconing

Now is the time to finish our Deathspank trilogy games review blitz! If you missed the earlier episodes, do not hesitate to check my review of Deathspank 1: Orphans of Justice here, and Deathspank 2: Thongs of Virtue here.

This third game in the Deathspank franchise was made after Ron Gilbert had left HotHead Games, and it was apparent in this game that the creative head had changed.

If you are curious, an earlier review of The Baconing was done by pedrolabate a few years ago. My review is a second take on this game and wraps our look back on the trilogy.

The Baconing Launch Trailer

In The Baconing (notice how Deathspank has left the official game title), we follow DeathSpank in his quest to get rid of Anti-Spank, an evil counterpart of DeathSpank that appeared due to a bad use of the Thongs of Virtue. Deathspank will have to recover the Thongs and burn them in Bacon Fire (yep!).

The gameplay is very similar to the previous games (earn experience to level up, interact with a diablo-style looting system), but this time, the difficulty is set a lot higher than the previous games, and you’ll have to learn how to block using your shield, or else even weak enemies will destroy you. I found that blocking was more a hassle than a nice feature because it broke the “on the offense” pace we had in the two previous games (a.k.a.: attack, attack, block instead of attack, attack, attack).

Although the humor was still present around Deathspank himself, I found that this game suffered a lot from the absence of Ron Gilbert as the humor was way less funny, and highly predictable. On the humor level, the first DeathSpank is still the very best!

Final Thoughts (for the entire franchise)
Deathspank was a really great series of game that I loved to play… until I played the last one. The first game was near-perfect, the second game was good, but the third one lacked a few things that could have made it better. I didn’t like how mandatory it became to use the shield, and the humor was generally not as good. You can still play with a friend in couch-coop, but after a few moments in this game, my game partner left and didn’t want to come back.

I don’t recommend purchasing the Baconing, but I highly recommend the two previous games instead: Deathspank 1 (Orphans of Justice) and Deathspank 2 (Thongs of Virtue)!

[review pros=”More Deathspank?” cons=”Mandatory overuse of the shield.
Not funny anymore.” score=65]


Cost: $14.99
PSN Game size: 1GB


This review is based on a digital copy purchased by the reviewer.