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[Zen Pinball 2 Review] Portal Pinball

Portal Pinball - Header Image

For the latest addition to the Zen Pinball 2 platform, Zen Studios has teamed up with Valve to create a Portal Pinball table. If you are a fan of the Portal series and like Pinball in general then you are going to love Portal Pinball!

Players will guide Chell and Wheatly through the Aperture laboratories enrichment center, battling GLaDOS to escape the facilities and reach the surface. You guide Chell through the science chambers with her handheld portal device. Certain events will open up in the middle of the board putting you in a test chamber challenge room, and if you beat all 6 test chambers you will have a showdown with GLaDOS.

A good mechanic in Portal Pinball is the propulsion and repulsion which players can manipulate with the flippers. Players will also have the opportunity to destroy turrets on the main board with laser beams to open up the field to make to easier to score some multipliers.

Portal Pinball - 1

As with previous tables there is a leaderboards feature, and you can check the local scores, the scoreboards, and the challenge scores. If you have friends registered, you can challenge their scores. Practice makes perfect, and you might eventually get a shot at becoming a pinball champion at the top of the leaderboards!

Right now there is a player who has a high score of 51 million! Which one of our readers is capable of beating that? The best score I could come up with is around 5.5 million. How about one of you takes on the challenge of beating that 51 million score? Post your progress in the comments below, and good luck!

The control scheme for Portal Pinball works flawlessly. The flippers are assigned to the L1/R1 buttons, the manual ball launch is assigned to the right stick, so you just need to pull down on it for maximum launch speed. The auto ball launch is assigned to the X button and the camera angles can be viewed with the square button.

Portal Pinball - 4

Portal Pinball has 1 trophy for players to unlocK. All you have to do is complete all six test chambers challenges and reach the surface and the trophy should pop… which sounds easier said than done since that’s basically you “completing” the whole tabl!

Zen Studios have done well in creating a good, solid and fun table that is faithful to the Portal games. The table definitely does things right since it makes players feel as if the are indeed inside of Portal thanks to the use of in terms of style, graphics, characters and animations.

[review pros=”Fantastic animations.
Fast and fun pinball table.
Excellent in-game sounds.
” cons=”None.” score=90]

This review is based on a digital copy of Portal Pinball provided by Zen Studios.