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[PS Vita Point And Click Review] Broken Age

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Broken Age is finally available on PS Vita! This adventure game has been in development for a while, so I was ready to get it as soon as it was made available on the PSN store. Was the wait worth it? Let’s find out as we dive into Act 1 and Act 2 of Broken Age!

Broken Age is a coming of age point and click adventure game developed by Double Fine and lead by Tim Schafer. It was a Kickstarter project that managed to secure almost $3.5 million, becoming one of the most successful Kickstarters of all time. The game which features all the hallmarks of a Tim Schafer game: navigating dialogue trees, exploring the game world and combining items.

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Broken Age was split into two acts, featuring two different stories, allowing players to have a go at it asShay and Vella. The puzzles are logic-based, with some item-combinations thrown in the mix, and talking to NPCs can sometimes solve a puzzle. The puzzles are very straighforward, and if you do find yourself getting stuck you can switch characters and do their story for a change of pace. You can do this from the item inventory on the bottom right screen.

Shay’s Story
Shay Lives aboard a starship called the Bossa Nostra, a ship that is designed to do nothing but protect him from harm. He is mollycoddled, and he hates it and wants to break free from his kiddy prison. So Shay goes on his quest to overtake his ship.

Broken Age - 3

Vella’s Story
Vella is celebrating an age old tradition called the Maiden’s Feast, in which she and three others are chosen to sacrifice themselves to a beast that lives in the village waters called Mog Chothra, in order too keep the village from harm. Vella escapes and set’s out on her quest to defeat the Mog Chothra.

The story in the final act picks right where the cliffhangers left players at the end of act 1. The puzzles are still logic-based but are a bit more challenging and some will require a little creative thinking. This time around the stories begin to converge as Shay and Vella start to learn about each other since Vella winds up on Shay’s ship, the Bossa Nostra. At the same time, Shay ends up on Vella’s world, stranded.

Broken Age - 2

Broken Age comes with 45 trophies: 26 bronze, 16 silver, 2 gold and 1 shiny platinum. The game will take around 4-6 hours to complete. There is a trophy for the speedrunners who can you finish the whole game in less than 1 hour. Can you make it?

Broken Age - 1

I have to say I was really impressed with Tim Schafer’s latest point and click release. I fell in love with Broken Age instantly, my only gripe is that it felt a bit short. But apart from that it is a fantastic game in every way. The graphics are cartoony an gorgeous, and it features a very funny script with tons of jokes and references to lots of games. I wonder how many references you can find? Broken Age also features an amazing voice acting performance by Elijah Wood as the voice of Shay and by Masasa Moyo as the voice of Vella . If you loved Grim Fandango then Broken Age is a must-have.

[review pros=”Gorgeous game worlds.
Dual stories.
All star voice acting.
Amazing character design.
Very funny.” cons=”Short game.” score=95]