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Koei Tecmo Bringing Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 To Vita

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3

Mark your calendar, because Koei Tecmo is ready to release Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 on PS Vita on June 30! This release will signal the debut of the franchise on Vita after seeing a lot of action on PS3 and PS4. Want to learn more?

Samurai Warriors Chronicles 3 incorporates the best features from previous Samurai Warriors titles, including the detailed customization mode and battle system of Samurai Warriors 4, as well as the Challenge Mode, which tests players’ speed and efficiency as they fight against the clock and thousands of enemies simultaneously!

In the Story Mode, players control either a uniquely customized character or one of the much loved, historically-inspired Samurai. Stories and lives unfold in multiple ways offering numerous resolutions to large scale battles and multiple endings affected by the players’ choices, actions, and affiliations.

SWC3_PS Vita 01

SWC3_PS Vita 09

We’ll be working on a review for the game, so be sure to stick around at