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[PS4 Dream Review] Toren

Toren Header Image

Toren is the first title released by indie Brazilian studio Swordtales, and they have produced a fairly good game. Toren is heavily inspired by ICO (even the graphics are very similar to ICO), so if you are a fan of that you should definitely continue reading!

You play as Moonchild and start your journey as a toddler, trapped in a huge tower controlled by a villainous dragon hellbent on keeping you inside no matter what. Your job is to work your way to the top of the tower, finding equipment such as chainmail and a sword to defend yourself and platform your way to freedom.

As you work your way up to the exit you will face small puzzles to solve to progress, which aren’t difficult or troublesome. As said before, if you’ve played ICO then the puzzles will make you feel right at home. As you can now guess, the tower is HUGE, and it will take you several (in-game) YEARS to reach the top. Therefore, you will go from playing as a toddler to a child to a teenager, all the way to a fully grown female warrior, sacrificing all the joys of childhood just to win your freedom.

Toren - 1

Throughout your journey to your final showdown with the evil and villainous dragon, you will encounter lots of different environments, which vary from antechambers all the way to the abyss. There is even an underwater level for you to face!

The story is told in flashbacks and through a voice over narration after completing each puzzle. That is pretty much the gist of the game. It isn’t hard at all. And if you somehow DO die, you are “reincarnated” at a checkpoint.

Toren is first and foremost a puzzle game. It’s a short game as well, and you will probably complete it in around three hours or so. It is a great game with gorgeous graphics and a beautiful art style, so I’m going to say yes it is definitely worth the price of admission. There was this weird framerate hiccup here and there that happened for a couple of seconds, but nothing major.

Toren - 2

Toren certainly deserves to be part of your collection. It is a very interesting game with a rich story. Players will get to experience the main character’s journey from a toddler to a full grown woman who must defeat the dragon to gain her freedom. You will feel drawn into the game’s almost dream-like nature.

pros=”Touching story.
Beautiful graphics and art style.
Great music.” cons=”
Short game.” score=80]