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The Swindle Will Be Released On PlayStation 3 and Vita This July!

The Swindle - b

Curve Digital and Size Five Games have let us know that The Swindle is going to see a release on PlayStation 3, PS Vita and PlayStation 4 on July 28! Want to check out a video for the game and some new screens? Then click after the break, and enjoy!

The Swindle is a platforming, action and stealth game set in a Victorian Steampunk world. All the levels are procedurally generated and it is the player’s job, as a master thief, to break into buildings, steal cash, hack systems and get out. Players must start small by robbing from the slums and upgrade their skills and abilities until they can pull off the ultimate heist in Scotland Yard.

The Swindle - e

Dan Marshall, owner of Size Five Games and developer for the game had this to say:

The Swindle is the kind of game that I always wanted to play; one minute you’re sneaking past robot security guards to grab a load of loot and the next you’re being chased by police choppers and drones, desperately trying to avoid capture and an awkward-and-embarrassing death. Procedurally generated adventures are all the rage these days – but there’s nothing with stakes quite as high as The Swindle.

The Swindle - d