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[PS Vita Cards and Bowling Review] Strike Solitaire 2

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Strike Solitaire 2 is a casual card game with a ten-pin bowling twist. A direct sequel to Strike Solitaire, the game is an ios port that, like many of 8Floor’s previous titles, has in-app purchases to make the game easier to win. I can tell you now, you do not need to spend anything more than what the main game costs since every level can be completed without spending a penny over that! Sure, some of the later levels get harder to pass but they are absolutely achievable without paying extra. It just takes time and patience, and I have both in abundance!

Strike Solitaire 2 - 2

Strike Solitaire 2 is a combination of the beloved solitaire card game and ten-pin bowling. Mixing the two get’s you what Strike Solitaire 2 is all about. Sound good? Of course it does! Who doesn’t like card games AND bowling?

This game has a beach theme, and you get ten sets of layouts that are then broken down into frames. To pass each level, you need to match specific cards. For example, match up a pair of threes or a pair of eights regardless of suit. Picking up gold cards earns you money and points. That is pretty much the gist of the game. You do earn Jokers and undo’s naturally through progression, and you can rack up an incredible amount of money in very little time, so there is absolutely no need for you to get any of the in-app purchases. All this stuff can be bought with in-game currency anyway, and the game is fun on its own so spending more time playing it definitely isn’t a bad thing.

Strike Solitaire 2 - 4

Strike Solitaire 2 is a good little time killer, so if you liked the original Strike Solitaire, then you will definitely want to pick this one up. It is pretty much more fo the same with a new theme and new levels. Chewing through the many levels of Strike Solitaire 2 will take you around 10-12 hours, and it will take far less if you decide you want to buy additional power-ups or coins as in-app purchases, but those cost extra money, soooo…

The graphics are pretty good for an ios port. It is definitely much nicer to look at than the original. This sequel is much more vibrant without any bugs, glitches or framerate drops.

Strike Solitaire 2 - 3

Overall, I had a lot of fun with Strike Solitaire 2, and I would definitely recommend it to Vita owners thanks to its easy pick up and play nature. You’re always just using it to scratch that “just one more round” itch, making it an excellent option for all types of players.

pros=”Fun game
Lots of levels” cons=”Expensive in-app purchases” score=75]