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[PS4 Review] Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey

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Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey is a new game that makes use of the PS4’s Camera. I have been waiting for something to use my camera for besides streaming games (follow me on twitch at The_Nmac), so I was naturally excited to try this game.


Welcome aboard, cadet!
Help Commander Cherry on his adventure and get creative with your body!

You play the game using PlayStation®Camera and a controller simultaneously.

Play solo or co-op with a friend!

Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey – PS4

The game is a platformer where you have to get Captain Cherry to the end of the level while collecting the coins in your path. However, you will come to situations where you can’t jump across gaps. This is where the camera comes into play. You can contort your body and add the image to the game to help you reach the collectibles and get across gaps. You are rated each time you cross a cap with a rating scale from Yoga to Yogawesome.


There is a double jump available in the game if you die too many times in one level. You will usually get it as dying isn’t all that unusual in the game. This would have been a good addition to the game in general and would make up for some of the difficult areas to get through (maybe they could patch that into the game).

It’s an interesting concept… unfortunately it doesn’t work in execution. The platforming itself doesn’t control well when jumping around and navigating around the obstacles. The other problem is the experience with the camera. It’s very difficult to get into the box they provide you with to create pictures that work. I was often trying to stretch my arms into different poses, but the camera wouldn’t let them go all the way out. The game does say to have bright lights and move furniture around, and I did the best with the lighting at my house, but I don’t think that worked well enough as I was still having issues.


The graphics are very cartoony, but a bit bland. The game doesn’t do much to switch things up, and it frequently recycles its environments and enemies. The music fits the game well and compliments the action.

Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey has ten trophies in total, including two gold trophies and one silver trophy. If you want to 100% the game you need to get very good at is since you need to beat all of the mirror levels and get Yogawesome ratings for the gold trophies.


Final Thoughts

I wish I could recommend Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey, but that’s not the case. The game doesn’t control well, and the use of the camera leaves a lot to be desired. The game is short – even by today’s standards. I think there is an interesting concept, but it wasn’t executed well in the end. Your experience might be different if you can play the game in the right space and the right lighting to make it all click, but this was not the case for me.

pros=”Music fits the theme.
Interesting concept.” cons=”Controls don’t work well.
Camera implementation isn’t ideal.” score=60]

Cost: $13.99

PSN Game size: 128 MB

You can purchase Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey from the PSN store


This review is based on a PS4 copy of Commander Cherry’s Puzzled Journey provided by Grandé Games.

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