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PS Plus Update for September


Another big month for the PlayStation platforms, with 3 Games making their PlayStation debut! If you’re a PS4 owner you’ll be getting 4 games, while there are 3 games for PS Vita owners, and 2 games for PS3 owners.

PlayStation Plus Free Games Lineup September 2015

As you can see, they are:

Grow Home(PS4)

This is a game that I have been looking forward to since it’s PC debut. It’s sounds super interesting and looks cute. It’s awesome that it will be premiering on PS+ after winning the fans’ vote, so that everyone can experience it.

Super Time Force Ultra (PS4 | PS Vita)

This game released on XBO a while back and I prayed for a PS4 release. And now we are getting it with some PlayStation Exclusive characters to boot!

Xeodrifters (PS Vita | PS4)

When you tell me about a Metroidvania game you had me at Met… Super interesting concept with some rad music. Pro tip: Brian Altano (of IGN, Comedy Button, and Up an Noon Fame) created the credits theme.

Twisted Metal (PS3)

It’s not my cup of tea, however I know many people enjoy the Twisted Metal series. Even if you haven’t had a chance to play it, now is your time to try it out.

Teslagrad (PS3 | PS4)

Super charming Metroidvania style game. I reviewed it for the site here. Fun Fact: A fairly easy platinum that took me just over a day to get.

La-Mulana EX(PS Vita)

A Spelunky-style game that should be able to provide you with hours of value on your Vita. I have not played this one yet, but I’m definitely looking forward to trying it.

It’s a good month overall with some special titles hitting the store. Xeodrifters is the one that I will play first.

What are you guys looking forward to this month?

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