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[PS Vita Review] Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal

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Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal is a huge RPG from Atlus that will keep those who love dungeon crawlers busy for many, many, maaaaaany hours. Are you ready to learn why you should buy this game today? Then come right in!

The kingdom of Romulea is in peril. Monsters are leaking out of every nook and cranny in the land, and to make matters worse, they have started an uprising against humanity.

Players take on the role of Fried, an adventurer from the Royal Library sent to stop the uprising. But early in his journey, he discovers a broken shrine along the way. This sets in motion the story of Dungeon Travelers 2, where Fried travels around the kingdom of Romulea, and through rescuing, defeating, or bumping into any of the 16 unique girls that can to join his party, Fried is on a mission to save the world!

Set in a first-person perspective with turn-based combat, players will encounter normal monsters as well as more powerful mutant girls who must be sealed away to prevent the spread of the evil monster scourge.

Fried is a Libra, a member of a special class that can seal away monsters that are defeated in battle, and this is a crucial skill needed to free the kingdom of Romulea from imminent danger. He is the leader of the party of adventurers but doesn’t directly fight any of the monsters. For some reason, all the party members are girls, as is the case for all the monsters who are either girl-shaped, resemble fruits or animals.

You should definitely know that the first hour or so for Dungeon Travelers 2 will feel a bit slow since your party is small, and you’re still learning your own limits. If you’re not careful, a few rounds will be all your enemies need to destroy your entire party. Another reason things will seem slower at the start is because you won’t be getting much gold from the enemies you defeat, and this means you won’t be able to purchase many of the much-needed support items on sale at the store. Still with me? Great!

DT2 (5)

Things will get better once you have a party of three (plus the Libra leader), since by then you’ll also have been able to learn that identifying equipment pieces found in the dungeons to then sell those that you don’t need will provide you with a very helpful revenue stream. On that note, you should never sell unidentified items because the selling price will be very low and not worth the effort. You will always recover the amount you spent to identify an item and then some.

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To make things easier for players so that they can learn as they go, during your adventure you’ll run into Peggy and Beard, a pair of adventurers who will allow you to learn new information about what you can and can’t do in the game. Their dialog is fun, and it lets you have a nice break from all the fighting. You’ll find this duo several times during your quest, and their interactions will offer some insight into how Dungeon Travelers 2 works, so be sure to listen to what they’re talking about!

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The game has a handy automap feature that makes exploring each of the dungeons a better experience since you’ll always know where you’ve been and where you need to go. The first set of dungeons are small and compact, but you’ll eventually run into multilevel dungeons with floors that are large and dangerous. Battles are plentiful in the game, and sometimes you’ll have to battle large groups of enemies that are spread out over the front and the back row.

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Speaking of the front and the back row, something that players need to keep in mind is that the position that a party member has in battle directly affects their attack and defense potential against the enemies they face. For example, an ally placed in the middle of the front row will be able to equally damage all enemies on the side, but it will do more damage to the enemy in the center, and it will do half damage to the enemy in the center of the back row. You can, therefore, understand that if the center ally decides to attack one of the side characters in the back row, that the power of said attack would be reduced considerably. On the plus side, the same thing happens to enemies, so you must plan accordingly and defeat the enemies that present a bigger danger to your party. Luckily there are weapons who can hit enemies in the back row without any penalty to their attack power, and magic spells do the same damage no matter where an enemy is located.

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Something to keep in mind is that once you reach level 15 you’ll be able to change the class of your party members, and depending what intermediate class you chose you’ll later have access to an advanced class once a character reaches level 30. For example, at level 15 Alyssa will be able to change into a Berserker, thus focusing on high attack skills and an all out plan of action, or she can change into a Paladin, therefore focusing on healing and protecting her party companions while also dishing out some good damage to foes. This is only one of two examples. There are over thirty character classes in total between starting, intermediate and advanced classes, so there’s definitely something for everyone here. You’ll be able to customize your party to match your play style!

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After losing around 5 days of the game due to my Vita Memory Card dying and me being dumb enough to not back the save to the cloud (something I usually do every day but that I, for some reason, completely forgot to do this time around), I spent a week catching up and redoing everything in order to get back on track, and the game is so fun that I didn’t mind having to replay some dungeons. In fact, I was able to make more progress during this time since I had already experienced a couple of dungeons and knew where the traps are located and what needed to be done. I also had an easier experience because I knew what type of monsters I’d be fighting in said two dungeons, and this allowed me to work on a better skill build for my party since it turns out I had basically wasted 10 skill points on each character by focusing on the wrong skills for the job. Everything happens for a reason!

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Dungeon Travelers 2: The Royal Library & the Monster Seal is a huge game. You’re looking at around 70-80 hours just to finish the main campaign, and if you decide to complete all the extra dungeons and side quests and aim for the Platinum trophy, you’re probably looking at over 100 hours of gameplay from this title. This is why it’s the perfect fit for the PS Vita since you can play in short or long bursts as you go and just put the Vita in sleep mode to carry on exactly where you left off. I’ve already put over 40 hours into the game, and I plan to move towards completing the game and unlocking that Platinum trophy!

pros=”Very fun gameplay
Great variety of classes to create the perfect party group
Lots of content” cons=”Fan service might not be for everyone” score=90]


This review is based on a Vita digital copy provided by Atlus.