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[PS3 Review] Back to Bed

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Hi! Have you met Bob? Bob has Narcolepsy, which means he can’t keep himself from falling asleep. Unfortunately, this combined with some sleepwalking puts Bob in some very sticky situations. For some reason, he drops into a dream-like world, and you have to guide him back to his Bed.

Solve mind-bending, gravity-defying puzzles in the PlayStation® exclusive edition of the award-winning, visually-stunning Back to Bed.

Play as SuBob, Bob the sleepwalker’s man-faced dog, who must defy the confines of the physical world to save Bob from certain death.

The Back to Bed Limited Edition Bundle includes the 3-way cross buy and a Back to Bed PS4â„¢ dynamic theme.

For the hardcore puzzle enthusiasts, we dare you to try the uber-difficult Nightmare mode.

Back to Bed – Gameplay Trailer | PS4, PS3 & PS Vita

Back to Bed is a puzzle game where you need to guide Bob back to his bed. He walks forward, and if he hits a wall or object, he will make a clockwise turn. However if you let him walk off an edge, he will fall into the abyss, to then land back at his starting location. You play as SuBob, a weird green dog who must help Bob walk back to his bed.


You will get some tools throughout the game to help you get to your goal. For example, can use giant apples that will make Bob turn when he reaches them. There is also a giant flat fish that you can use as a plank to cross gaps.

The other thing you need to do is avoid items that will wake Bob up. There’s walking alarm clocks, evil dogs, manholes that you can fall in, and even a Whale Train that will wallop Bob if he steps on the tracks. This makes for a challenging and fun game overall.

The world itself is MC Escher-esque with SuBob being able to climb walls if there is a staircase. You can also jump to other surfaces when doing that. It makes it a little more challenging except that you usually only need to use them to get an object for SuBob to help guide Bob around. Bob doesn’t respond to the same rules in this world, so he stays grounded while navigating the environment.


The game does a great job in terms of its presentation. This seems like dream world that anyone could be stuck in. It’s high in the clouds with dream-like items all around, such as flying chess pieces, walking clocks, beds suspended in the air, and more. Mixed with the MC Escher-styled worlds it creates an elaborate dreamscape. There is also a narrator that comes off as creepy as well, but who fits with the mood for Back To Bed.

The game has 30 levels that you need to complete so that Bob can hopefully wake up from this twisted sleep reality. However, when you complete those, there are much harder Nightmare versions of the levels that will be a true challenge. They are not for the faint of heart, and they will test your might.

The game has 16 trophies, most of will be earned by the time you reach the end of the nightmare levels. There are 4 Silver trophies while the rest are Bronze. I’m baffled by the list since trophies like the speed runner trophy should have been a Gold. I’m surprised not to see any trophies based on minimum turns or moves in the levels as well.


Final Thoughts

Back to Bed is a fun but short puzzler that will challenge you mentally. It’s levels are just difficult enough to keep pushing you to do better, adding enough of an incentive to continue until the end. The dreamscape created in the game is awesome and adds so much to the game. This definitely should be on your radar to play. Just be sure you don’t fall asleep…

pros=”Excellent presentation
Smart puzzles that need logic to solve
Good control over character” cons=”Only 30 levels, with a nightmare variation of them
Needed more trophies” score=80]

Cost: $19.99

PSN Game size: 265 MB

You can purchase Back to Bed from the PSN store


This review is based on a PS4 copy of Back to Bed provided by LOOTâ„¢ Interactive

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