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[PS4/Vita Review] TorqueL

Torque Header Final

TorqueL is a physics-based platformer in which you roll a cube with different coloured sides that match the buttons on your DualShock 4 controller – green at the top, red on the right, blue at the bottom and pink on the left. The aim of the game is to roll the cube and use the corresponding colored buttons on your controller to extend the sides of the cube to avoid obstacles and reach the exit towards the next level.

The first few levels are very easy and simple, but the difficulty soon ramps up with the inclusion of various hazards. Some levels have multiple exits that will alter your path through the 50 level campaign, and you are working against a timer, so you will have to hone your cube rolling skills to become quicker. You’ll complete the game in less than an hour, or, well, you’ll complete one of the routes for the level since, as stated before, there are multiple exits that will take you to different routes.

In terms of graphics, TorqueL is very minimalistic and in the style of the 8-bit era. There aren’t many colors, and the background is completely white with some red, blue, and green here and there. Something to consider is that I didn’t find a single bug or glitch and that the game runs smoothly.


Something that annoyed me a bit in the game is that when you die and attempt to retry, there is a time delay. Five seconds may not seem like a lot but when you are sitting in front of the screen watching the black squares strobe during the delay, you can’t help but wonder if there is a point to it.

The game is a good time killer on Vita. It is the same game with the same amount of content and, as expected, the buttons are mapped in an identical manner as on the PS4 version. The graphics differ slightly with the PS4 version looking brighter than the Vita release. Since this is a cross-buy game, so you get both versions with your purchase.


The game has 13 trophies to earn in this title: 9 Bronze, 3 Silver and 1 Gold. The trophy descriptions are very weird to say the least, and pretty vague as well, but I think you will need to remember each exit to 100% TorqueL, and multiple plays are required.


TorqueL is certainly a unique indie title that is fun but short. There’s plenty of replayability since you can take different routes for each run and you can play either on PS4 and PS Vita for a single price.

pros=”Plenty of replayability
Cross-buy” cons=”Short game overall
Not very colorful” score=70]